How to Promote an ICO Bounty Campaign on YouTube

In an age where ICO cryptos are increasing, more people are looking for better ways to market their ICOs and get seen. One of these ways is the bounty program ICO. By promoting an ICO bounty campaign on YouTube, you get to connect with a wider audience and reach interested investors.

What are bounty programs? How do you organize an ICO bounty campaign? SocialBoss can help you! Find out how.

ICO Bounty Campaign: What is it?

A bounty is generally a reward for performing specific tasks. In online gaming, individuals who successfully complete a project get a reward. In the cryptocurrency sphere, the ICO bounty program is designed to get individuals to achieve a series of blockchain tasks. And the reward is the ICO token.

In essence, bounty programs for cryptocurrency projects are used to helps ICOs have a good start. Initial coin offerings make it possible for new blockchain startups to gather funds by getting investors to buy their coins before anyone else.

Even more, with ICO bounty programs, these ICO teams get to save capital on ad campaigns and other forms of marketing for publicity and participation. Most bounty programs include selected and reserved tokens which are given to investors who accomplish specified tasks. The recommended portion of tokens for ICO bounty campaigns is 0.5-1.0%.

The different types of ICO bounty programs include:

  • Pre-ICO bounties

Pre-ICO bounties are aimed at getting support for the ICO on the internet and on social media platforms. They are generally planned for coin promotion. Creating promotional videos on YouTube for ICO is the best way to achieve ICO awareness.

Other methods include content creation, social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, and infographic.

  • Post-ICO bounties

When you need to get feedback about your project, the post-ICO bounty program is the ideal. ICO teams can carry out platform bug fixes or other improvement of products.

Many known ICOs startups such as ICONOMI and Status have carried out some improvement programs to make their ICO project better for investors.

Above all, bounty campaigns reduce cost and help ICO startups get reliable investors for their projects.

How to Organize a Bounty Program

If your focus is the pre-ICO bounty campaign to get social awareness for your ICO and offerings, you should get a reputable company to help you create promotional videos for YouTube.

Apart from the fact that YouTube is the leading video search engine, it provides quality videos for ICOs and other business ideas.

An expert marketing team like SocialBoss can help you create and post videos and market it to the right audience. Also, we can get comments on the YouTube promotional video for ICO to make the video popular. We produce videos with excellent picture, sound, story, and animation.

The Bottom Line

Having worked with many ICOs and startups, SocialBoss has the expertise you need to plan your ICO crypto promotion on YouTube. We grow communities and get your credible social contacts to make your bounty program a success. Get in touch with us for more information.